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Rocket RestorKoat is a total paint renewal system for your auto, boat or RV at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to paint. Rocket RestorKoat is not a wax or polish, but an actual hand applied polyurethane clear coat. Rocket RestorKoat self levels and self cures evenly and consistently which means there are NO 'weak' or 'low' spots in the finished product.

Rocket RestorKoat permanently repairs heavy scratches, scuffs, and swirl marks. Also the finish that Rocket RestorKoat produces is superior to factory clear coat finishes because it adds depth, and thickness, thereby making the finish on your auto, boat or RV stronger and long lasting. This is far superior to 'cut' or 'power' polishing which grinds down and reduces your paint or gel coat's life. The very best polish lasts a year at best. Rocket Restorkoat is PERMANENT and will last for many years!

Automotive paint is typically a 2 stage base coat that contains the color and metallic. A clear coat is then added for depth and protection. If the clear coat becomes damaged by swirls, scuffs or has oxidation then the shine disappears. Rocket RestorKoat restores the clear coat to better than new as it repairs, adds depth and protects with a thicker, stronger clear coat.

See the before and afters!!!

Rocket RestorKoat can be applied to single stage paint finishes, giving the protection and shine of new automotive finishes but better!

RV's, airplanes and boats come from the factory with a gel coat finish. Typically these gel coats have little or no UV protection which causes them to fade and oxidize quite quickly. Not only can Rocket RestorKoat totally renew the gel coat finish by removing swirls, scuffs and scratches but protect it for years to come. The result is second to none as the shine is incredible!

Rocket RestorKoat is an environmentally conscious way to renew your auto, boat or RV's finish. Because we hand apply Rocket RestorKoat very little VOC's are released into the air. Also, a very small amount of Rocket RestorKoat is required for an application resulting in greater coverage with very little waste.

There is simply no reason to paint or polish any longer!
Accept no substitutes, use Rocket RestorKoat!

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This a very rare and lucrative opportunity to take part in a business where Rocket Resorkoat is virtually unmatched. There is no product on the market, auto or marine, that compares to Rocket Restorkoat. Rocket Restorkoat is more than durable for Auto, and Marine applications and has been tested in the harshest Canadian climates. Its Amazingly easy to apply.

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